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Press Release

Feb 28, 2017

MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES Co., Ltd. concludes a patent licensing agreement with the University of Toyama concerning a rapid antibody production technique

Jan 27, 2015

Medical and Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd., establishes MBL Europe

Jun 19, 2014

CE Mark of a novel reagent to detect RAS (KRAS and NRAS) gene mutations for testing of anti-EGFR therapeutic antibodies to colon cancer prior to treatment.

Jun 10, 2014

MBL International Corporation opens a new R&D laboratory.

Dec 04, 2012

MHC tetramer reagents and infectious disease, cancer antigen epitope identification reagents: worldwide business transfer for development, manufacturing and distribution

Jun 20, 2011

China National Biotec Group and Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. have agreed to a Comprehensive Business Alliance.
Establishment of Business Operations for Clinical Diagnostic Business and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development in China.

Feb 12, 2010

Launch of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Genotyping Reagent -A product enabling simultaneous detection of 31 HPV genotypes, the largest number in Japan-

Jan 12, 2010

Generation of fully human monoclonal antibodies neutralizing influenza virus
- Use of SPYMEG as a novel human lymphocyte fusion partner -