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Corporate Mission

Creating novel diagnostic reagents to meet healthcare needs of patients, however many or few.

MBL’s Vision for the Future

A global niche company with a strong presence, generating value at the cutting-edge diagnostics.

Message from the President

Since establishing itself as the first Japanese company specializing in the manufacture and supply of antibody products, MBL has developed valuable relationships in the life sciences field. MBL provides unique clinical diagnostics and basic research reagents to detect proteins and DNA molecules primarily in the areas of autoimmune diseases, cancer, gynecologic diseases, and infectious diseases.

MBL is engaged in an area of clinical laboratory testing in which is reaching a major turning point regarding medical significance and combined with laboratory tests. We are witnessing continued advancement of new therapeutic approaches and prevention of diseases in medicine. These advances are observed from the correlation of research into genetic information such as genome and epigenome, and environmental factors such as infection and lifestyle with health and illness.

MBL’s future business direction is in the research and development of cutting-edge diagnostic products, life science translational research (LSTR), and in commercialization of unique products and services. We aim to launch biomarker tests and companion diagnostics products as clinical laboratory tests, and launch LSTR products for use in disease investigation as well as etiological elucidation of the mechanisms of various diseases.

After MBL’s consolidation into JSR’s Life Science Business, I believe all our corporate activities will lead to the further contribution by MBL to society as a corporate entity with a strong presence in the life science industry.

※Life Science Translational Research (LSTR) Products:
LSTR is business category in which we collaborate with academia and pharmaceutical companies to develop disease-related basic research reagents (LSTR products) with the aim of developing technologies for future clinical diagnostics.

November 2016

President and CEO
Kimimasa Yamada

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