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Corporate Mission

We, MBL, are offering novel diagnostic reagents to meet
healthcare needs of patients, no matter many or few.

MBL’s Vision for the Future

A global niche company with a strong presence,
we are creating values at the cutting-edge of diagnostics.

Message from the President

The life sciences industry is providing new products and services ever more rapidly through diversification and advancements in science and multidisciplinary technologies. We have seen truly remarkable progress in recent years including highly efficacious molecular targeted drugs, immune checkpoint inhibitors, regenerative medicine products, personalized genetic testing services, big data analytics in the healthcare domain and more. Numerous innovative products have been created by the fusion of heterogeneous technologies and MBL strives to be at the forefront of that innovation.

MBL has long been engaged in laboratory testing which is at a profound turning point in product offerings. With an increased focus on early diagnosis, accurate monitoring of disease state and implementation of optimal therapies, the role and importance of laboratory testing has shifted to providing tools to determine “the most suitable treatment for the most suitable patients at the most suitable time” and “disease risk information to individuals before the onset of diseases”.

MBL began its history in 1969 as the first Japanese company specializing in the production and supply of antibodies. While maintaining close research and development relationships with academic institutes and pharmaceutical companies, MBL has broadened its basis of operations from immunology to molecular biology and epigenetics. We also provide clinical diagnostics and research reagents for protein and genetic analysis primarily for autoimmune diseases, cancers, gynecologic diseases and infectious diseases. In recent years, MBL has also focused its product development on biomarkers, companion diagnostics and regenerative medicine.

In the future, MBL plans to focus on developing cutting-edge diagnostic products, tools, and other services, more closely linked to patient therapies. We also aim to pursue corporate development initiatives that will lead us in unique directions, not only for, clinical areas but also for our research reagent business enterprises. In research reagents, our efforts will focus on our life science translational research (LSTR) product groups, which are specifically related to molecular diagnosis as well as the elucidation of various diseases. MBL plans to develop the appropriate LSTR products into clinical diagnostic assays that would target our focus disease areas.

We understand that MBL’s clinical diagnostics play a critical role in helping practitioners to decide on treatment options for individual patients. We will further endeavor to improve our quality management systems for diagnostic products throughout all our processes from research and development to regulatory approval, manufacturing, marketing and sales through technical support.

As a consolidated subsidiary of JSR Corporation, MBL has integrated its life sciences business with JSR Corporation. We are now actively collaborating with JSR in research and development activities and expanding our global business operations in the United States, Europe and China. It is our desire to contribute to society as “a globally recognized niche company capable of creating value in the field of cutting-edge diagnostics” within the ever diversifying and profoundly changing life science industry. It is my sincere hope that you will grant us your continued support and guidance.

October 2017

President and CEO
Kimimasa Yamada

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