2014.12.19 3 APC-labeled Mouse MHC class I tetramer for influenza antigen are now available. [NEW] Quality Control Survey of Autoantibodies
2014.12.16 Monoclonal antibody against Phospho-p62 (Ser351) joins our product line. This antibody is useful for WB and immunostaining. Phosphorylation of p62 is reported to be involved in defense mechanism as well as cancer. [NEW] Human lymphosyte fusion partner SPYMEG
2014.12.16 Magnetic beads-conjugated His-tag (clone OGHis) and 2 HA-tag antibodies (clone 5D8 & TANA2) are now available. New magnetic beads enable higher yields in IP. [NEW]
2014.12.01 10 Human & Mouse tetramers including HLA-E*01:01 HLA-A leader3-11 Tetramer are now available!
2014.11.20 2 circadian rhythm-related antibodies, anti-mouse CLOCK monoclonal antibody and anti-mouse DBP polyclonal antibody, are now available. Anti-CLOCK mAb can be used in WB, IP and ChIP. Anti-DBP pAb is useful for WB.
2014.11.19 8 CycLex products including ver. 2 of deacetylase assay kits and CAMKK β assay kit are now available. The new version of deacetylase assay kits are ready-to-use that enable easier assay than the conventional version.
2014.11.17 Magnetic beads-conjugated GFP, DDDDK-tag and Myc-tag antibodies are now available. The improved products enable higher yields in IP.
2014.06.19 CE Mark of a novel reagent to detect RAS (KRAS and NRAS) gene mutations for testing of anti-EGFR therapeutic antibodies to colon cancer prior to treatment.
2014.06.10 MBL International Corporation opens a new R&D laboratory. PDF: 39KB
2012.12.04 MHC tetramer reagents and infectious disease, cancer antigen epitope identification reagents: worldwide business transfer for development, manufacturing and distribution
2011.06.20 China National Biotec Group and Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. have agreed to a Comprehensive Business Alliance Establishment of Business Operations for Clinical Diagnostic Business and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development in China