2014.09.03 Anti-Hemoglobin F (Human) polyclonal antibody is now available! For immunohistochemical detection of Hemoglobin F. This antibody can be used for research on aplastic anemia or myelodysplastic syndrome. [NEW] Quality Control Survey of Autoantibodies
2014.09.01 Human DJ-1/PARK7 ELISA Kit Ver.2 is now available! Measurement sensitivity is improved in the new version. DJ-1/PARK7 is associated with autosomal early-onset Parkinson's disease and possesses multiple functions such as anti-oxidative stress. [NEW] Quality Control Survey of Autoantibodies
2014.09.01 Human Clusterin/Apo-J ELISA Kit is now available!Clusterin is implicated in several diseases such as Alzeheimer’s disease, atherosclerosis, renal disease and various types of cancers. [NEW]  
2014.09.01 Human MHC class II Tetramers against EBV antigen and HIV antigen-specific T-cells are now on sale! [NEW]  
2014.09.01 36 products of Human MHC class I Tetramer are now on sale. [NEW]  
2014.08.20 BRIC Kit is now avairable! For RNA stability/half-life analysis and identification of novel non-coding RNA.  
2014.06.19 CE Mark of a novel reagent to detect RAS (KRAS and NRAS) gene mutations for testing of anti-EGFR therapeutic antibodies to colon cancer prior to treatment.
2014.06.10 MBL International Corporation opens a new R&D laboratory. PDF: 39KB
2012.12.04 MHC tetramer reagents and infectious disease, cancer antigen epitope identification reagents: worldwide business transfer for development, manufacturing and distribution
2011.06.20 China National Biotec Group and Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. have agreed to a Comprehensive Business Alliance Establishment of Business Operations for Clinical Diagnostic Business and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development in China