2014.10.30 FITC-conjugated anti-SynCAM (TSLC1/CADM1) monoclonal antibody is now available. SynCAM is a cell adhesion molecule mainly localized in synapses of CNS and involved in synapse formation. Suitable for flow cytometry. [NEW] Quality Control Survey of Autoantibodies
2014.10.28 APC-labeled survivin-2B tetramer reagent is now available. Survivin-2B is considered as a suitable target for cancer immunotherapy and a clinical study of survivin-2B peptide vaccination is in progress in Japan. [NEW] Human lymphosyte fusion partner SPYMEG
2014.10.28 Monoclonal antibody against mini-Auxin-Inducible Degron (AID)-tag is now available. The antibody recognizes both full-length AID-tag and mini-AID-tag. [NEW]  
2014.10.15 Anti-V5-tag monoclonal antibody (Clone: OZA3) is now available! The new clone shows higher performance in WB, IP and IC than the existing clone 1H6, and also works in FCM.  
2014.10.15 Mouse IgM isotype control (Functional Grade) is now available! Azide-free and low endotoxin level confirmed.  
2014.06.19 CE Mark of a novel reagent to detect RAS (KRAS and NRAS) gene mutations for testing of anti-EGFR therapeutic antibodies to colon cancer prior to treatment.
2014.06.10 MBL International Corporation opens a new R&D laboratory. PDF: 39KB
2012.12.04 MHC tetramer reagents and infectious disease, cancer antigen epitope identification reagents: worldwide business transfer for development, manufacturing and distribution
2011.06.20 China National Biotec Group and Medical & Biological Laboratories Co., Ltd. have agreed to a Comprehensive Business Alliance Establishment of Business Operations for Clinical Diagnostic Business and Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibody Development in China