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MEBGEN™ RASKET KIT RAS mutation detection kit

xMAP® (Luminex®) technology

Luminex multiplex assay

Each bead set immobilizes a probe or antibody to detect any specific analyte of interest. In MEBGEN™ RASKET KIT, DNA samples are amplified using biotinylated primers and 52 types of DNA probes immobilized on such beads hybridize to the amplicons containing specific mutations. By avidin-biotin interaction, streptavidin-phycoerythrin (SA-PE) binds to a bead-amplification product complex.

Using the Luminex® 100/200™ system, the red laser excites the internal dyes of the bead sets to identify each bead. In addition, the green laser quantifies the fluorescence intensity of the PE to determine amount of each analyte (i.e., amplified RAS mutant). Using this system, the MEBGEN™ RASKET KIT can detect the 48 amino acid mutations or 52 RAS gene mutations in a single well.


Luminex 100/200 system

Luminex xMAP Technology
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