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MBL's scholarly activities

Takato Symposium

Takato biology symposiumEvery summer since 1989, a two-day symposium has been held in the Takato Sakura Hotel, located at the edge of a mountain lake. Lecturers in leading areas of biology and basic medicine are selected by a group of organizers*. The Takato Symposium characteristically does not limit lecture contents to a specific field. A wide variety of lecturers have spoken on various fields such as botany and zoology, not only on molecular and cellular biology. The symposium has provided participants with an opportunity to contact with research philosophies in different areas. From the 21st symposium (in 2009), a poster session has been conducted after dinner in order to provide young researchers with an opportunity to promote themselves. In addition, a barbecue on a riverbank and alpine climbing are also planned for after the symposium.

poster sessions and mountain walking

* Organizers:
Tatsuhiko Kodama (Univ. of Tokyo, RCAST), Representative of the organizers
Eisuke Nishida (Kyoto Univ.), Representative of the organizers
Nobuaki Yoshida (Univ. of Tokyo, IMS)
Shigeo Koyasu (RIKEN Yokohama)
Shin Yonehara (Kyoto Univ.)
Takashi Kadowaki (Univ. of Tokyo)
Yoshiko Takahashi (Kyoto Univ.)
Yukiko Gotoh (Univ. of Tokyo, IMCB)
Noboru Mizushima (Univ. of Tokyo)
Erina Kuranaga (RIKEN Kobe)

Symposium of Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity

Symposium of Autoantibodies and AutoimmunityCutting-edge autoimmunity researches are reported by and discussed with speakers and participants from Japan and abroad. MBL has been sponsored this symposium since 1995 and the 20 th symposium was held in 2013.

* Organizers:
Kazuhiko Yamamoto (Univ. of Tokyo)
Yoshinari Takasaki (Juntendo Univ.)
Tsuneyo Mimori (Kyoto Univ.)
Jack D. Keene (Duke Univ. Medical Center)

Beijing · Shanghai Life Science and Technology Seminar

beijing and shanghai biotechnology seminarThis seminar is held in China by a joint hosting of MBL and B&M. The first seminar was held in Beijing in 2009. Since the second year, it has been held in Beijing or Shanghai. It also serves as a forum for technological exchanges between China and Japan through introduction of technologies and services provided by Chinese and Japanese bio-venture companies.


We exhibit in medical and scientific meetings in Japan and overseas and introduce our products and technologies.


As a source for conveying activities of the MBL group, we issue the newsletter, "BIOTOVO" which introduces our efforts in the cutting-edge realm.

Autoimmunity Report
This report provides short columns and articles about topics on autoimmune diseases by front-line researchers issued as an academic publication.

Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity
In this publication, speakers of the symposium on autoantibody and autoimmune system describe the contents of their lectures.

Immunology News
This newsletter provides the latest information on immune research in both Japanese and English versions, and is available in print and on the web.

Quality control of autoantibodies

QC of autoantibodiesMBL's quality control survey of the autoantibodies is the only QC check for inspection items of autoantibodies that has been continuously performed on an annual basis in Japan since 1983. This QC inspection is intended to detect interinstitutional errors in test results as well as to coordinate or standardize values tested through reporting of primary compilations and secondary surveys.

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