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Liquid-based cytology enables standardization of reagents and instruments used in cytological examination. In "TACAS™" system provided by MBL, sample cells can be used not only for cytology, but also for genetic tests and immunochemistry, and this leads to the improvement of the accuracy of the test.

Liquid-Based Cytology TACAS™

TACAS In cytological examinations, cells are collected from sites to be tested and stained for microscopic examination. Such methods are particularly useful in detecting uterine cancer. In "Liquid-Based Cytology (LBC)," dedicated liquid fixatives are used during fixation of cells. This enables production of uniformly layered specimens, resulting in standardization of specimens and significantly improved examination accuracy. The liquid-based samples can be used for various examinations (e.g., genetic test, HPV-DNA test, and immunostaining assay). TACAS™ is the first Japan-made full-scale LBC system.

HPV-DNA test

Cervical cancer is caused by infection with human papilloma virus (HPV). Any individual may be infected with HPV through sex, and if infected, approximately 90% of infected people will be naturally cured within 2 years. However, when HPV persistently infects cervical cells, some of the cells become cancerous through lesions called cervical intraepithelial neoplasm (CIN) or dysplasia. It is reported that the risk of progression from CIN or dysplasia to cancer depends on the type of HPV infection, and the 13 types of HPV frequently detected in cervical cancer are classified as high-risk HPVs.

"MEBGEN™ HPV Kit" has features that enable fast, sensitive, and accurate detection of high-risk HPV genotypes, and can provide useful information for diagnosis and treatment of cervical cancer, using PCR-rSSO and Luminex® methodologies. MBL also provides "GENOSEARCH™ HPV 31," which can detect 31 types of the HPV gene (including the high-risk types) with "high sensitivity" and "the same sensitivity for all the types of the gene."

[Technical cooperation : G & G Science Co., Ltd.] HPV infection and progress to cervical cancer


cervex brush A unique structural design of "Cervex-Brush®" and "Cervex-Brush® COMBI" enables to collect and smear a sufficient amount of cells in a single smear collection from cells in the neck of the womb. By using these brushes for TACAS™ LBC examination in clinical settings, a test can be completed simply by dipping the tip of the brush into a fixative solution. The rate of satisfactory specimens can be significantly improved.

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